Sydney to the Max - Season 1 Episode 12

Set in the present day with flashbacks to the 1990s, the comedy revolves around outgoing middle school Sydney Reynolds who lives with her single dad Max and with her progressive grandmother Judy--three generations under one roof.

Episode: 12/22 eps

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Sydney to the Max
"Sydney wants to radically change up her hairstyle for the first day of 7th grade. Her dad Max is resistant, but with Olive\u2019s help, Sydney takes matters into her own hands."
"Sydney wants to adopt a dog, but Max doesn't think she's ready for that responsibility. A flashback to young Max reveals he also wanted a dog, but his mom gave him a pet turtle instead."
"Max tracks Sydney\u2019s phone after he suspects she snuck out to a concert with Olive against his wishes. His parenting dilemma reminds him of his childhood when his mom paged him on his beeper incessantly to track his whereabouts."
"Sydney and Olive struggle with their babysitting business when the little kid they\u2019re hired to watch happens to be the brother of one of the most popular kids in their class."
"Sydney is invited to a pool party but is self-conscious her legs are too hairy and contemplates shaving. Her predicament reminds her dad Max when he was eager to start shaving to prove his manhood."
"Sydney and Olive are so excited for their weeklong sleepover but quickly learn being together 24\/7 has its challenges. Max recalls when he and Leo had a fight about Max constantly forgetting his job responsibilities at the arcade."
"Sydney is baffled when she can\u2019t seem to get an A in her poetry class even though her dad got A\u2019s in his class\u2014and they have the same teacher, Mrs. Harris."
"Sydney organizes a school protest for clubs to be more inclusive of women. Young Max befriends a skater girl but is conflicted because the Dog Boys don\u2019t allow girls in their crew."
"Sydney and Olive\u2019s bond is tested when they both become friends with the new girl but try to keep the friendship a secret from one another."
"Judy enlists Grandma Judy to help her redesign the basement into their very own \u201cgirl cave.\u201d Max starts to feel left out when Sydney cancels their plans together to throw a 50s-themed party with her friends to celebrate her new space."
"Sydney thinks her dad might be lonely, so she encourages him to start dating again. When Young Max breaks his skateboard again, Mom makes him earn money to buy a replacement."
"Sydney and Olive decide to help Max at the bike shop\u2019s biggest sale of the year. When Leo\u2019s dad hires a girl to work at the arcade, Max and Leo compete to see who can impress her the most."
"When Olive becomes class treasurer and accidentally loses the money for the ice cream truck she promised her class, Syd helps her get it back. Young Max offers to accompany his mom to a wedding but does not know how to dance."
"Sydney surprises her dad Max for his birthday by inviting his childhood best friend Leo and his son to visit from San Francisco."
"When Max realizes he needs an extra hand at the bike shop smoothie station, Sydney and Olive convince him to hire their crush, Zach."
"Syd thinks she\u2019s too old for the father-daughter dance, but she\u2019s afraid to hurt Dad\u2019s feelings. Young Max is bummed when his dad isn\u2019t around for a father-son event."
"Grandma Judy\u2019s feelings are a little hurt when Sydney gets her ears pierced on an outing with Mrs. Harris."
"When something embarrassing happens to Sydney at school, she barricades herself in her bedroom and ends up watching old VHS tapes of Max when he was a kid. Sydney eventually falls asleep and dreams that she\u2019s in the 90s."
"When Grandma Maya comes to visit, Sydney loves spending time with her so much that Grandma Judy feels a little left out."
"When Sydney struggles with ballet, something her mom was great at, she starts to feel like she\u2019s losing touch of her mom."
"When a cell phone ban policy during school hours goes up for a vote, Sydney is sure her dad, who\u2019s on the Parent School Committee, will vote against it."
Season 2 - Sydney to the Max
01 Dec 2019
"The memory of her late mother and some long-forgotten advice helps Sydney rediscover her love of Christmas again, a holiday she has avoided ever since her mother passed away."