Murder One

Theodore Hoffman is a prominent defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. After successfully defending the wealthy but suspicious Richard Cross in a lurid murder trial, he is ...

Genre: Drama

Director: Steven Bochco , Charles H. Eglee , Channing Gibson

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Murder One
"The murder of Jessica Costello becomes front-page news and the hottest new case for the law firm of Hoffman & Associates."
"Ted Hoffman goes from defending Richard Cross for the murder of Jessica Costello to defending Neil Avedon, a hot young Hollywood actor, for the same murder."
"While Richard Cross and Julie Costello turn over Jessica's diary to Hoffman, Lisa defends a investments specialist on trial for mishandling his clients' life savings."
"Hoffman defends a police detective accused of using unnecessary force after responding to a domestic dispute call, and Neil Avedon takes a polygraph test."
"After a lead in her sister's murder proves deadly Julie Costello shows up at the law firm to talk to Hoffman, fearing that her own life is now in danger."
"When Julie overdoses on drugs prescribed by Dr. Lester, Hoffman suspects the doctor has ulterior motives for keeping his female patients so heavily sedated."
"As Lisa defends a young gang member accused of murder, Hoffman questions a nurse who says Neil Avedon called Dr. Lester's clinic from Jessica's apartment the night of her murder."
"Julie meets with another of Dr. Lester's female patients who said she was drugged and raped at the doctor's clinic, and Avedon agrees to be interviewed on national television."
"Convinced that Richard Cross is trying to manipulate the outcome of Neil Avedon's murder trail, Hoffman advises Justine to turn down a business opportunity from him."
"Hoffman faces a dangerously obsessed fan of Neil Avedon and a rumor that he had an affair with Francesca Cross, a rumor he believes was started by Richard Cross."
"Hoffman becomes suspicious after Cross asks him to help Roberto Portalegre, an influential associate from Brazil whose son was accused of date rape."
"When a member of his family is abducted, Hoffman suspects someone is trying to send him a message about the Avedon murder case and that Cross is somehow involved."
"Elizabeth identifies her abductor, Hoffman believes Dr. Lester's nurse may be lying, and rumors begin circulating about the state of Richard Cross's health."
"As more evidence comes to light proving Richard Cross lied about his activities the night of Jessica's murder, Annie Hoffman tells her husband she wants a separation."
"The murder trial is halted when two male jurors argue over a woman juror, and Dr. Lester testifies that Neil Avedon made a startling confession the night Jessica was murdered."
"Hoffman calls to the stand some of the men Jessica mentioned in her diary, but is later stunned after Julie takes the stand and claims she no longer has to answer his questions."
"Hoffman uncovers a costly connection between Richard Cross and Dr. Lester's nurse, and Annie finally tells Hoffman she wants a divorce."
"Two actors, one of Jessica's Cocaine Anonymous sponsors and Neil Avedon's mother testify on Neil's behalf, and Hoffman fires Justine after he learns of her involvement with Cross."
"Cross acts strangely on the witness stand, Neil decides to testify in court on his own behalf, and Justine has an unnerving encounter with Cross in his office."
"As Hoffman and Grasso deliver their closing arguments Justine realizes just how mentally unstable Cross is and finally discovers the cause of his erratic behavior."
"Even as the jury reaches a verdict, Hoffman breaks into Jessica's apartment, convinced a hidden camera is located there and that a tape of the murder most likely exists."
"Hoffman races to track down Richard Cross and find the missing video tape even as a terrified Neil Avedon is attacked by a fellow inmate in prison."