Nowhere Boys

This fantasy action-adventure series follows four teenage boys who get lost in the forest and discover, when they return home, that they are in an alternate world identical to theirs except...

Duration: 26 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Nowhere Boys
"Four mismatched year ten students, Andy, Felix, Jake and Sam, are unwillingly grouped together for an orienteering exercise on the outskirts of their hometown, Bremin. After taking a short cut and getting very lost, the boys survive a terrifying night in the forest. When they finally return home the next morning, they find things aren\u2019t quite as they left them."
"The boys grapple with the discovery that they are now total strangers to their friends and families. Banding together, they try to get to the bottom of their terrifying predicament."
"The boys\u2019 desperation to prove they still exist leads Sam to discover his doppelg\u00e4nger."
"Andy\u2019s obsession with finding a rational explanation nearly comes to grief under the wheels of the school bus."
"Felix discovers the other boys unwittingly possess the magic needed to fight the evil thing that is threatening them."
"Jake comes face to face with the father he never had, as Phoebe lays claim to the four boys."
"Sam must face up to his flaws as the demon unleashes its most brazen attack yet - on Bremin High."
"The boys discover the truth about Phoebe as the demon evolves to take on human form."
"A trip back to the forest presents both a chance to return home as well as redemption for Andy."
"Sam\u2019s loyalty to the boys is tested to the limit when the demon targets his girlfriend, Mia."
"The boys' problems are compounded when their parallel mothers all succumb to mysterious afflictions."
"The boys are shattered to learn who is responsible for everything that\u2019s happened to them."
"The demon closes in for the kill as the boys finally work out how to return home."
Season 2 - Nowhere Boys
"Felix, Andy, Jake and Sam have returned home, but still the universe seems out of balance. Felix is concerned that Alice has followed them back and Andy hopes his new power will get Ellen to notice him."
"Felix, Jake and Sam race against time to get Andy back from the storm that took him - before anyone notices he's missing again."
"Pressure mounts on Felix, Jake and Sam as they are questioned by the police about Andy's disappearance. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to locate the Book of Shadows by making a connection to Alice."
"After being beaten to Alice's Book of Shadows, Felix theorises that if they find another water element, they should regain their ability to use magic. So the boys go on the hunt for the new element."
"With Saskia, their new water element, the boys do a spell to find Andy but it backfires landing Jake in serious trouble."
"The search for Andy takes Felix, Jake, Sam and Ellen back to the alternate universe. But they have to be quick, Felix fears the restoring demon isn't far behind them."
"Overwhelmed, Ellen tries to process their journey to the other universe and refuses to talk to Felix, while Jake is shocked to discover that Cop Gary has followed them through the portal."
"The talisman is missing - Jake and Felix are at loggerheads as to where it is. Could Saskia be to blame? Meanwhile, Andy meets a cloaked figure while trying to find a way out of negative space."
"The gang discover Andy is trapped in Negative Space due to Alice hacking Andy's spell; and Alice lures Oscar to the river and offers to cast a spell to make him walk again."
"Alice has destroyed the talisman and everyone is in shock - now they have absolutely no way of getting Andy back. Whilst the gang debate this, a figure emerges from the bush..."
"Felix believes that there is a second talisman in their universe because the other talisman came from the alternate universe...and Sam has swapped bodies during the memory-wiping spell. Will the gang realise the truth before it's too late?"
"The gang have the second talisman and are set to bring Andy home, but Alice is determined to stop them. Meanwhile, Andy and Bear are running for their lives as their world collapses around them."
"With the gang now powerless, Felix has devised his own plan to rescue Andy. He's going to ask Alice to swap him for Andy. Will the rest of the gang realise in time?"
Season 3 - Nowhere Boys
"When people start to vanish on Luke's first day at school, he finds himself thrown together with an unlikely group of friends - the new Nowhere Boys. They must figure out how to save the town from becoming an empty wasteland."
"The Nowhere Boys comb the streets of Bremin for signs of life but find themselves under attack from a mysterious life force."
"The gang catch their mysterious stalker, who is just as confused by this strange and empty world, as they are."
"The gang learn they can do magic & plan to cast a dimensional return spell, which requires sacrificing their heart's desire. They search for Brooklyn but are attacked by a monster, which they fend off using magic."
"An unhinged Principal Bates is trying to make everything normal by pretending it is normal. He locks the gang in a classroom, but they finally escape and cast the dimensional return spell - will they get home?"
"The gang are home & everything is perfect, life couldn't be better, except for Nicco who questions if this really is their Bremin. Discovering they're actually suspended in a dream state the gang manage to wake themselves up."
"The gang are definitely back home, but unbeknownst to them there are two Ben's [sic]! One good and one bad - will the gang learn the truth before Bad Ben sends them back to the Empty World?"
"Ben 1 & Ben 2 are stranded in the empty world, & despite our gang successfully bringing them home; Ben 1 still wants to get rid of them. Ben 2 immobilises Ben 1."
"The gang perform a truth spell on Ben 2 to ensure they can always tell the two Bens apart, but the spell backfires when Heath mixes up the words and our gang all have to tell the truth"
"The Mini Demons come to Bremin High and cause havoc. Our gang catch them and keep them in their school bags, but they exert a negative influence over the gang - can Ben 2 stop them before it's too late?"
"The bags with the Atridax are missing and the gang want to use magic to find them, but Luke's under house arrest. Luke makes a trust deal with his father and the gang retrieve the bags only to have them stolen."
"The gang are on the hunt for the missing talisman. They realise Kayla has it, but it's too late, she's been tricked by bad Ben and gets sucked inside the Demon egg. Will Nicco be able to get her sister out?"
"People are disappearing and all is not right with Nicco's sister, Kayla. Realising she has part of the Demon inside, the gang trek to the forest to fight the Demon while it's incomplete. But Luke's parents have disappeared..."
Season 4 - Nowhere Boys
"The Nowhere Boys are back and Luke's attempts to convince the Gang that a new threat is imminent are dismissed \u2013 until the threat proves too big to ignore."
"As the Gang fights off the latest threat, Jesse's preoccupation with a cyber bully puts their biggest secret at risk. When menacing creatures attack again, the Gang fight back by sending them out of this world \u2013 but at what cost?"
"Nicco jeopardises both the Gang's plan to rescue one of their own and her football ambition - but as Bates closes in, can Nicco redeem herself and save the day?"
"Bates is on the warpath. Convinced he is close to exposing a conspiracy gripping Bremin High, he interrogates the Gang. Will one of them crack under the pressure? Meanwhile, the arrival of a stranger puts Heath under the spotlight."
"Desperate to get Felix's book back, the Gang search for Zeb, the mysterious stranger. But when Luke is kidnapped, they all find themselves drawn into a dangerous trap."
"When a friend suddenly becomes an enemy the Gang are left shaken. Meanwhile Jesse confronts his cyber bully and scores an unexpected win."
"While the gang do battle with one of their own, they're forced to face some home truths. But that's not all they learn \u2013 did they have Zeb all wrong?"
"The Nowhere Boys take a wrong turn in their quest to find Zeb, landing them in danger and on the run. Meanwhile Ben and Ellen decode clues left by Zeb and try to find a way to bring them home."
"Captured, Nicco and Luke are interrogated and forced to confront alternate versions of themselves. Heath and Jesse learn that their friends are imprisoned in a high-security facility and plan a breakout."
"The Gang and their doubles join forces to try and escape their captors amidst increasing Nematode attacks, but can they repair the Talisman in time to avert tragedy and find their way home?"
"The Gang contact Zeb and learn that one of them is the all-powerful Guardian of the multiverse and must travel to Negative Space to save theirs and all worlds from the Entity, the most powerful enemy they've ever faced. But who really is the Guardian."
"With the Guardian in Negative Space, the Gang believe they have saved the multiverse until a catastrophic event at Bremin High suggests otherwise. Will the Gang be forced to expose their powers and magic in order to save the school?"
"The gang arrive in Negative Space for a final showdown with the Entity \u2013 the fate of the multiverse is in their hands. If only the Guardian could rembember the plan."