Team Umizoomi

Umifriend, Team Umizoomi needs your help! Build a super fast speedboat with shapes. Use pattern power to make chocolate and strawberry milk. Fix a broken subway train and so much more with these tiny super heroes!

Duration: 24 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 5.9

Season 3 - Team Umizoomi
"The Cuckoo Bears are performing in Umi City. But when Team Umizoomi goes to meet them, the wind blows their gears away and they lose the power to play their instruments. It's up to the Team to get the gears back in time for the show."
"The trio help free a magician who's stuck inside a large watermelon."
"Team Umizoomi's friend Wyatt is excited for his new toy, Stompasaurus, to arrive. But when Stompasaurus' parts fall off the delivery truck, it's up to Milli, Geo and Bot to return the toy's missing parts to their friend."
"Team Umizoomi's friend David is doing chores around his house to earn money for a cool Red Racer Bike. To help David earn the 52 UmiDollars he needs, Milli, Geo, and Bot split up and find jobs to do all around Umi City."
"It's a rainy day in Umi City when Casey calls Team Umizoomi with an emergency. A nest full of baby birds has fallen into the flooded street, and now it's floating away. The Team must rescue the baby birds and teach them how to fly away."
"The Shape Bandit is creating chaos wherever he goes, but when he steals Geo's Shape Belt, he really crosses the line."
"The Shape Bandit is creating chaos wherever he goes, but when he steals Geo's Shape Belt, he really crosses the line. Team Umizoomi must square off against furry enemy #1 to save their city and get Geo's Shape Belt back."
"Team Umizoomi is spending the day at Umi City Ranch. Shooting Star is the smallest horse on the ranch - too small to pull a bale of hay. The team volunteers to seek out the four magic horseshoes that will help Shooting Star grow."
"Presto the Magician calls the team with a big problem: he left his magic wand in the washing machine, and the spinning is making the wand shoot crazy magic! Team Umizoomi will need to use their Mighty Math Powers to save Presto and return his magic wand."
"When DoorMouse accidentally gets launched into outer space, it's up to Team Umizoomi to save him."
"Team Umizoomi is playing in the biggest sports event around - the Umi Games! But to win the Umi Games Trophy, Milli, Geo and Bot will have to defeat the Robot Athletes in each event."
"The Team's friend Jonathan's kitten is stuck inside a well and she can't get out! Team Umizoomi navigates their way down a river, across a farm and over a mountain to get to Jonathan's house and rescue that kitty."
"UmiCar and DumpTruck are in a race to the top of Shape Mountain to see who will win the big prize..."
"Farmer Dan's animals are missing from his farm! Team Umizoomi finds them inside..."
"When the Team's friend Mike falls off his scooter and scrapes his knee, it's Dr."
"The team helps their friend Ryan win a Helicopter by earning tickets playing boardwalk games."
"When Team Umizoomi finds three toys in the school's Lost and Found, they travel throughout Umi City to return the lost toys to their owners."
"The Team plays a video game called Math Dragons. And to win, the Umiz have to journey through three exciting levels and collect all the baby dragon eggs."
"Team Umizoomi sets out on a high-stakes adventure through Umi City to find their friend Owen's four UmiDollars."
Season 4 - Team Umizoomi
"In the fourth-season opener, the trio try to reassemble a broken skateboard for their friend."
"The trio must round up a bunch of lost penguins at the zoo."
"Today is UmiCar's birthday party and everyone's having a fantastic time. But when The TroubleMakers crash the party and steal UmiCar's birthday present, the chase is on to get the present back."
"The Team's friend Travis and his mom were on their way to his soccer game when their car got a flat tire. It's up to Team Umizoomi to get to Travis and fix his tire in time for his game. And with Bot's Robo-Tools, they can fix anything."
"The Team discovers a secret door to a magical forest. Inside, they meet Sunny the Sunshine Fairy, who has the power of the sun. But when Grog, a jealous gnome, steals her sunshine power, it's up to the Team to help her get it back."
"A baby panda named Little Joe is lost in Umi City! The Team finds him and sets off on a journey to take him back home to his family at the Panda House, taking good care of him all along the way."
"When an alien crash-lands in Umi City, the team must help him find the star crystals that make his spaceship fly."
"Milli, Geo and Bot chase the Troublemakers through the cinema when they steal all of the movie snacks."
"Milli, Geo and Bot must use their ninja skills to retrieve their stolen ninja trophy."