The Drew Carey Show

A sitcom about Drew's personal and professional life.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - The Drew Carey Show
13 Sep 1995
"Drew's best friend Kate begs him to hire her at Winfred-Louder, the department store where he works, after she gets fried because of a break-up with her dead-beat boyfriend. Drew is ..."
20 Sep 1995
"Mr. Bell hires Mimi as his assistant to keep her from filing a complaint about Drew's \"harassment\". She vows to make his life a living hell. Drew meets attractive job applicant Lisa and the..."
27 Sep 1995
"Kate is depressed when another wedding shower is held at work and she realizes that most women her age are married or are getting married; she's always dreamed of having a wedding of her ..."
04 Oct 1995
"Drew fires Suzie, an inept employee, only to find out she was Mr. Bell's mistress. Kate proposes her idea for a day spa to Mr. Bell, who is so impressed he wants to meet with her and Drew ..."
18 Oct 1995
"Kate's ex-boyfriend Barry refuses to pick up his stuff and makes incessant phone calls to Kate at work. Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of a memo in the hopes of boosting company ..."
01 Nov 1995
"Drew turns down the Winfred-Louder attorneys when they try to get Drew to settle the lawsuit by signing a waiver that absolves the store of any responsibility. Drew hires a lawyer, who ..."
08 Nov 1995
"Drew gets ready to defend himself against Nora's lawsuit but isn't very successful. Nora cries on the stand to get everyone's sympathy and the outlook is pretty bleak for Drew. Because of ..."
15 Nov 1995
"Lewis' sister Janet moves back to Cleveland with her preteen daughter Monica. Drew, who once had a thing for Janet in grade school, invites Janet and her daughter to a concert at the Rock ..."
29 Nov 1995
"Mrs. Louder, the widow of the store's founder, offers Drew a job as her personal assistant; the position comes with a pay raise and a guarantee he will be in the running for head of ..."
06 Dec 1995
"When Kate starts neglecting the guys after she gets a new boyfriend, the gang starts hanging out with Jay Clemens, an old school buddy they run into at the Warsaw. Kate eventually breaks up..."
13 Dec 1995
"Drew's father George is back in town to accept a lifetime achievement award from his lodge, the Wildebeests. He convinces a reluctant Drew to join him at one of the meetings to help ..."
20 Dec 1995
"The employees at Winfred-Louder go on strike and Drew, while sympathetic, is forced to hire replacements. Despite promising not to let the strike hurt their friendship, Kate gets angry with..."
03 Jan 1996
"Kate complains to Drew about a creepy employee named Earl, whom she thinks is crazy. Drew thinks Kate is paranoid until he finds that Earl is delusional and extremely unstable. When Drew ..."
10 Jan 1996
"Mr. Bell promises Drew a promotion in exchange for training his nephew Blaine, who turns out to be a lazy, nepotistic pest. Kate mistakenly sells a giant bottle of extremely expensive ..."
17 Jan 1996
"The store closes early because of an ice storm and circumstances force Drew to miss his carpool with the Optimist Club. The Optimists get in an accident and a man dies. Drew believes divine..."
31 Jan 1996
"Drew's hopes of a personal secretary are dashed when Mr. Bell gives the job to Mimi so he can hire Suzie as his own assistant. Drew and Mimi's continued bickering put both their jobs on the..."
07 Feb 1996
"Mrs. Louder is furious when she discovers Mr. Bell's affair with Suzie and forces him to fire her. Mr. Bell takes revenge by threatening to fire any member of management who is caught ..."
14 Feb 1996
"Lisa encourages a reluctant Drew to move on and see other people like she has. He asks out his thrill-seeking barber Sioux, who manages to get Drew in a fight and, even worse, strikes up a ..."
21 Feb 1996
"Drew is in hot water when Lisa and Kate find out he promised both of them the head personal shopper job. And just to send Drew farther over the edge, Mimi is also in the running for the ..."
27 Feb 1996
"Kate's mom takes Kate and the gang out to dinner for Kate's birthday. Kate avoids telling her mother she's dating anyone because her mom always disapproves of her boyfriends. Jay thinks Mrs..."
01 May 1996
"The company motivational speaker encourages Drew to tell his bosses about his idea to use animal mascots in commercials for the store. Drew's idea is such a raging success, Mrs. Louder ..."
08 May 1996
"Mimi and Drew find a secret memo that announces a Dutch company is planning to buy the store and they assume all the employees are going to be fired. Depressed about possibly losing his job..."
Season 2 - The Drew Carey Show
18 Sep 1996
"Drew and Lisa's relationship gets rocky when all they do is argue everyday. On the work front, the Winfred-Louder staff sucks up to Drew because it's employee evaluation day. However, ..."
25 Sep 1996
"Drew is outraged when the company refuses to promote him to permanent manager and instead hires an Englishman named Nigel Wick. Wick turns out to be a very crooked character when he bribes ..."
02 Oct 1996
"Lisa moves in with Drew and it really puts a strain on their relationship. Drew goes to great lengths to avoid going home at night while Kate, who thought Jay was going to propose, is ..."
16 Oct 1996
"Drew runs into old high school bully Simon Tate (guest star Norm MacDonald) at the Warsaw. Simon apologizes for how he behaved as a teenager and seems to have changed his ways. Drew gives ..."
30 Oct 1996
"Kate starts dating a new guy named Jack. He interviews for a position in the store and Drew is disturbed to find that Jack thinks he is the devil. Kate is sure Jack is just joking but soon ..."
06 Nov 1996
"Drew is depressed after learning his high school band teacher, Ms. Blankenship, has died. He organizes the band to play a tribute performance for her and is furious when no one takes it ..."
13 Nov 1996
"Drew meets Bonnie (guest star Caroline Rhea) at the Warsaw and brings her home to see his brewery. Once she finds out he doesn't have a permit, she admits that she's a zoning inspector and ..."
20 Nov 1996
"Drew is upset when Bonnie refuses to go out on dates with him in public. She always wants to stay over at his place and order take-out. Drew thinks Bonnie is concerned about his financial ..."
27 Nov 1996
"Drew's hopes of a relaxing holiday weekend are crushed when Mr. Wick makes Drew in charge of Winfred-Louder's Thanksgiving Day parade. Crunched for time, Drew has to make a deal with Mimi ..."
04 Dec 1996
"Drew feels left out when popular salesman Dexter Roberts hang outs with all the other employees and embarrasses Drew in front of the whole store. Drew finds out Dexter is throwing a huge ..."
18 Dec 1996
"Drew inadvertently agrees to organize a wedding shower for his ex-girlfriend Lisa when he mistakenly believes the bride is an elderly employee also named Lisa. Lisa's fianc\u00e9 Trent, ..."
08 Jan 1997
"Drew is worried when he hears about a hurricane hitting Florida near where his parents live. Unexpectedly, his parents show up at his place and admit they've been traveling in their ..."
15 Jan 1997
"Drew is getting fed up with the filthy, unsafe conditions in Oswald and Lewis' apartment and threatens to take their landlord to court. But when the landlord finds out Drew has been living ..."
29 Jan 1997
"After realizing there is no way to profit from Buzz Beer, the gang decides to shut down the brewery and throw a party with free beer to get rid of their supply. Drew meets a woman at the ..."
05 Feb 1997
"Oswald and Lewis plan their usual prank war for Drew's birthday and tease Kate for not being able to compete with their elaborate jokes. Meanwhile, Drew volunteers to update the store's ..."
12 Feb 1997
"Drew's down payment on a car bounces because of a bad check at a garage sale. He finds out the woman who wrote the check was Kyra, his girlfriend from junior high school. She claims her ..."
19 Feb 1997
"Winfred-Louder employees risk their lives get to work each day because the crosswalk from the parking deck to the store is at an intersection near the freeway. When a member of the ..."
26 Feb 1997
"Drew returns disheveled and frustrated after a convention in Las Vegas. After losing his luggage and all of his money, a waitress named Diane took pity on him and they went out for drinks. ..."
05 Mar 1997
"Drew finds out Speedy's hip problem is getting worse but there's hope in a new operation that could restore the dog to his old self. The problem is the operation costs 2,700. Nora ..."
19 Mar 1997
"Earl is released from prison and swears he's a changed man. Drew is ill at ease when Earl moves in next-door and starts watching his every move. Earl claims he is observing Drew so he can ..."
02 Apr 1997
"The gang discovers someone else is marketing a coffee-flavored beer called Cap-Beer-Cino. The owner, Chris Vanderkamp, openly admits stealing the idea but has enough lawyers to keep him in ..."
30 Apr 1997
"When the employee representative to the board is forced to retire, Drew, Mimi, and Larry are thrilled over the possibility of taking over the position that offers a considerable raise and ..."
07 May 1997
"Kate is annoyed the guys offered a date with her as a prize in a contest for Buzz Beer. Mr. Wick finds the winning bottle cap and Kate reluctantly goes through with the date. The guys are ..."
14 May 1997
"After a disastrous trip to New York to sell Buzz Beer, the gang makes a shocking discovery: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) has been replaced as the weekend midnight movie with The ..."
Season 3 - The Drew Carey Show
23 Sep 1997
"Drew worries his physic is holding him back at work when Mr. Wick picks a robust employee to attend a convention in Hawaii instead of him. A guy at the Warsaw overhears Drew's plight and ..."
24 Sep 1997
"As a violent storm looms over Cleveland, the store lets all employees with families go home early to spend time with their kids, leaving the single employees to fend for themselves at work...."
01 Oct 1997
"Drew decides to turn over a new leaf by becoming more assertive. He taps into the boardroom to see the footage of his meeting and hear his evaluation. Drew ends up getting more than he ..."
08 Oct 1997
"Just when Mr. Wick is getting back on his feet, Mimi tricks him into thinking another storm has hit the city. She continues to run the store by signing Mr. Wick's name on all the orders. ..."
15 Oct 1997
"The government seizes Drew's house after Larry's antics in the previous episode. They plan to sell it at auction. Drew gets an idea from Nicki to declare bankruptcy on the house to get out ..."
29 Oct 1997
"Drew is amazed to find out Nicki was overweight in the past but managed to lose 85 pounds. In support of her strict diet, Drew vows to lose 10 pounds. Mimi mocks Drew and claims Nicki lied ..."
05 Nov 1997
"Drew wins the Batmobile in a contest at a fast food restaurant. Nicki and the gang are amazed Drew was offered 200,000 in lieu of the car but turned it down. Drew's outlandish prize starts ..."
12 Nov 1997
"Mr. Wick is roped into dog-sitting Mrs. Louder's prized show dog; it's very valuable because of its unique coat and breeding capabilities. Wick ditches the responsibility by leaving the dog..."
19 Nov 1997
"Drew's older brother Steve pays a surprise visit; he's down on his luck after going through a broken engagement and losing his job. Kate convinces Drew to give Steve a job in the cosmetics ..."
26 Nov 1997
"The gang decides to get the old band back together for a battle of the bands contest at the Warsaw. Kate desperately wants to be lead vocalist but the guys are hesitant because she's an ..."
03 Dec 1997
"Drew's pastor convinces him to volunteer at a seniors' center, where the residents have a reputation for being difficult. Mr. Wick hears about it and convinces Mrs. Louder to require all ..."
17 Dec 1997
"Winfred-Louder holds a desk-decorating contest for the employees, with the winner receiving two tickets to the Bahamas. Drew creates an entirely edible cubicle and Kate dances on top of her..."
07 Jan 1998
"The Buzz Beer tank explodes, causing beer to rain down all over the Clemens' yard. Drew invites them over for dinner to convince them not to sue. Janet talks Greg into investing in Buzz ..."
14 Jan 1998
"Mr. Wick is panicked upon finding a memo he thinks is about firing him. Wick convinces Mimi to plot a phony sexual harassment scheme with him. Mimi will claim Wick harassed her, file suit ..."
28 Jan 1998
"Mrs. Louder asks Drew to make a toast at birthday party honoring her late husband. The best toast wins 500 shares of company stock. Drew struggles with what to say because Mr. Louder was a ..."
04 Feb 1998
"Kate hopes to get promoted to wardrobe buyer but Mrs. Louder doesn't think she has enough class for the job. She and Drew organize a salon at his house where everyone can discuss social and..."
11 Feb 1998
"Oswald announces his plans to move in with Kate. Drew's jealousy gets the best of him and he ends up in an argument with Kate. Oswald accuses Drew of pining for Kate and then insists he and..."
25 Feb 1998
"Drew and Oswald buy their engagement rings. Drew plans to give the ring to Nicki at dinner when he meets her parents for the first time. Drew is stuck eating dinner alone with the Fifers ..."
04 Mar 1998
"The gang is bummed when Drew's refrigerator breaks down. Drew convinces Mr. Wick to put up a beautiful new fridge as a prize in the annual employee games. Drew and Nicki team up in hopes of..."
11 Mar 1998
"Drew and Nicki plan to videotape themselves having sex. The next morning, Drew's parents come to town to celebrate his engagement. Drew tries to tell his mother about a problem with his ..."
18 Mar 1998
"Lewis confiscates a sex drug from DrugCo after nearly being attacked by several monkeys who had used it. The drug is accidentally spilled into a batch of green Buzz Beer being prepared for ..."
01 Apr 1998
"After Mr. Wick is injured at work during an elaborate and cruel plan to fire an employee, Drew is placed in charge for the week. Drew adopts a \"no firing\" policy that works wonders until ..."
08 Apr 1998
"A gorgeous handywoman named Sharon visits Drew's house to fix several appliances that were broken during a drunken celebration the night before. Oswald and Lewis push Drew to ask her out ..."
22 Apr 1998
"Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw who recommends he attend her dating advice service. He agrees only to be publicly embarrassed when the instructor shows a videotape of Drew's date as \"a ..."
29 Apr 1998
"It's Drew's turn to host the family barbecue for all the Carey cousins. Drew's 18-year-old cousin Kristen comes to the party while looking at colleges. Kristen asks Drew if she can stay at ..."
06 May 1998
"Mrs. Louder calls Drew to tell him he's been chosen to coordinate hiring for the new stores in Europe. The catch is Drew has to get to the boardroom within 10 minutes to secure the position..."
13 May 1998
"Kate and Oswald start planning their wedding but find they won't be able to afford many luxuries. The gang heads to a discount bridal shop and discovers Kate's dream wedding dress costs ..."
20 May 1998
"Lewis forces Oswald and Drew to shake and make up. Kate tries to come up with a way to tell Oswald she isn't in love with him anymore and wants to call off the wedding. Drew urges Kate to ..."
Season 4 - The Drew Carey Show
23 Sep 1998
"After a string of mishaps at work, Drew begins to suspect someone is out to get him. Everyone thinks he's paranoid until security tape footage shows a group of three men discussing how much..."
30 Sep 1998
"Drew is in charge of entertaining a group of investors from Vietnam. While Drew's band plays for the investors at a local hotel, the manager asks them to replace the regular hotel band. ..."
07 Oct 1998
"Drew decides to go blonde and must endure the snide remarks from friends and co-workers. When Larry discovers that someone has been doing cocaine in the men's room, Mr. Wick forces Drew and..."
14 Oct 1998
"Mrs. Louder offers to let Drew fill in as store manager while Wick in is rehab but Drew turns her down in favor of spending more time with his band. Drew's band, the Horndogs, is offered ..."
21 Oct 1998
"Drew's groupie girlfriend Darcy dumps him when she discovers that Drew isn't a full-time musician. He drowns his sorrows by starting a steamy online affair with a mystery woman. However, ..."
28 Oct 1998
"Steve shows up at the Warsaw dressed in drag and Drew stands up for his brother when a bar patron behaves obnoxiously. Steve's transvestite friends start coming to the Warsaw as a show of ..."
04 Nov 1998
"Drew claims to be happy for Nicki when he finds out she's getting married. When he gets an invitation to her wedding, the gang is sure it's just a \"courtesy invite\" and discourage him from ..."
11 Nov 1998
"Drew is in charge of selecting the Winfred-Louder employee of the year, who will win a trip to Hawaii. For the first time ever, a non-Louder may actually win because all the Louders have ..."
18 Nov 1998
"Drew pulls off an elaborate practical joke on Mimi and brags she will never be able to retaliate. Days later, Drew wakes up on the Great Wall of China with no money or passport. He is left ..."
"No description"
25 Nov 1998
"Kate takes a paid house-sitting gig after losing her latest job. She meets handsome plumber Scott while at the house and the two are instantly attracted. When the house owner is forced to ..."
09 Dec 1998
"Drew signs up for night school classes to pursue a master's degree. In class one evening, Drew meets Celia, an attractive 62-year old, and they get on well as study partners. When mutual ..."
16 Dec 1998
"Drew's parents arrive for a surprise Christmas visit. They assume Celia is the maid and Drew is hesitant to tell them the truth. To make matters worse, Celia's hostile son Chip shows up in ..."
06 Jan 1999
"A local corporation wants to buy all the houses in Drew's neighborhood to make way for a mall on the lot. Drew isn't pleased but promises to think it over. While at work, Drew finds out ..."
13 Jan 1999
"Celia offers her support in Drew's fight against Winfred-Louder because of what they did to his house. Meanwhile, Drew has to get by living in half a house with no heat or electricity. ..."
27 Jan 1999
"When the Warsaw has to temporarily close, the guys reach out to \"The Disciplinarian\", a popular professional wrestler, to be the spokesman for Buzz Beer. Drew greatly disapproves when Kate ..."
10 Feb 1999
"Lewis scores a date at a science fiction convention and Oswald, unknowingly, makes a date with the same woman when he delivers a package to her house. Drew also ends up making a date with ..."
17 Feb 1999
"Drew has problems getting any time alone with Tracey because Lewis and Oswald keep monopolizing her. Following Kate's suggestion, Drew holds a slumber party at his house to appease the ..."
24 Feb 1999
"All three of the guys vie for the chance to take Tracey to an upcoming wedding, the winner officially being declared in a relationship with her. Drew and Oswald both unknowingly pull the ..."
03 Mar 1999
"Lewis is excited to be in line for a promotion to head of the janitorial department at Drug Co. Drew is upset when he finds his dog Speedy is developing cataracts. Lewis gets Speedy into an..."
24 Mar 1999
"Drew is forced to lay off dozens of workers and offers Steve a place to stay when he ends up on the chopping block. Mimi stops by Drew's with another list of people to fire and is instantly..."
31 Mar 1999
"Drew and Steve are distressed when their longtime barber Phil dies. Beulah comes to town a week early for an anniversary party Drew is throwing for her and his dad and insists on going to ..."
07 Apr 1999
"Sharon is dejected after being dumped by her boyfriend and plans on drowning her sorrows at the Warsaw. Once closing time rolls around, Drew invites Sharon over for one more beer at his ..."
05 May 1999
"Drew is chosen to give a speech at a convention in Chicago. An annual practical joke war starts between the gang and Drew is humiliated when airport security finds a vibrator in his ..."
12 May 1999
"Steve and Sharon suggest going on a double date to put a stop to Drew and Mimi's constant bickering. The date ends up a disaster when Drew and Mimi refuse to stop insulting each other ..."
19 May 1999
"Oswald's mom moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. She hires Sharon to repair the salon roof upon Drew's suggestion despite Sharon's inexperience with roofing. After ..."
26 May 1999
"Mr. Van Zandt, the head of a Dutch ownership group, announces that all employees are receiving a month-long vacation while the store is remodeled. However, Drew still has to work which ..."
Season 5 - The Drew Carey Show
22 Sep 1999
06 Oct 1999
13 Oct 1999
20 Oct 1999
"Drew worries about passing the physical at work; Doreen still wishes to be like Mimi."
27 Oct 1999
03 Nov 1999
10 Nov 1999
17 Nov 1999
24 Nov 1999
12 Jan 2000
02 Feb 2000
16 Feb 2000
23 Feb 2000
22 Mar 2000
29 Mar 2000
12 Apr 2000
26 Apr 2000
03 May 2000
10 May 2000
"No description"
Season 6 - The Drew Carey Show
18 Oct 2000
25 Oct 2000
01 Nov 2000
08 Nov 2000
15 Nov 2000
22 Nov 2000
06 Dec 2000
20 Dec 2000
10 Jan 2001
17 Jan 2001
24 Jan 2001
"When Drew and Mr Wick's domestic relationship sours, Drew ejects him from the house, causing Mr Wick to become more tyrannical at work."
07 Feb 2001
14 Feb 2001
21 Feb 2001
28 Feb 2001
14 Mar 2001
11 Apr 2001
02 May 2001
23 May 2001
23 May 2001
Season 7 - The Drew Carey Show
26 Sep 2001
"This is the first part of a back-to-school special, with a variety of sketches and performances to help start the new season."
"No description"
03 Oct 2001
"After Drew is released from the mental ward, he sees Nicki at the Warsaw and they get married but no one else knows. Meanwhile, Kate discovers she has feelings for Drew and tells Lewis and Oswald. Kate declares her love for Drew."
10 Oct 2001
17 Oct 2001
"Drew has to decide between his two wives, Kate and Nicki."
24 Oct 2001
31 Oct 2001
14 Nov 2001
"Drew comes to in an animal shelter with John Ratzenberger having no idea how he got there. He begins to unravel how it happened, remembering a horrible event that made him want to end it all. Did he really share a night with Mimi?"
21 Nov 2001
28 Nov 2001
12 Dec 2001
19 Dec 2001
16 Jan 2002
23 Jan 2002
"No description"
13 Feb 2002
27 Feb 2002
"Drew angers neighborhood dogs when he runs one off. Because the rest of the gang aren't coming by, he sends out word there's an emergency. They arrive to find a pack of menacing dogs are blocking exit. Has Lewis' famous bucket-head scene."
13 Mar 2002
"The new owner of Winfred-Lauer gives it to his 19 year old spoiled daughter and warns Drew if she fails in running it, he will lose his promotion. When he intervenes in her in-store romance, she repays by moving him to the loading dock."
20 Mar 2002
"Drew persuades Lord Mercer to re-hire his daughter Milan as president of Winfred-Louder. She holds an in-store rave that seriously boosts sales but he still isn't pleased. Lewis eats the ..."
27 Mar 2002
03 Apr 2002
10 Apr 2002
01 May 2002
08 May 2002
"Drew and the gang top an anti-porn crusader's list of Cleveland's most frequent visitors to adult websites, causing shame on Mother's Day."
15 May 2002
22 May 2002
"Drew's ex-wife Nicki re-connects with Drew but she has re-gained the weight because of her anger issues. Winfred-Lauder has been nearly ruined by embezzlement so Drew suffers the humiliation of working the men's underwear counter."
Season 8 - The Drew Carey Show
09 Sep 2002
16 Sep 2002
23 Sep 2002
08 Nov 2002
08 Nov 2002
15 Nov 2002
29 Nov 2002
06 Dec 2002
10 Jan 2003
"Oswald fails the Nurse exam again and needs a job. One has opened up at Drew's work but Drew doesn't think Oswald can do the job. When Oswald is offended Drew gets him the job and Oswald trains well. Mimi vs Traylor fighting escalates."
24 Jan 2003
25 Jun 2003
25 Jun 2003
02 Jul 2003
"At karaoke night at the Warsaw, Kellie tries to sing but needs Drew's help. They are told of a karaoke contest with $1,000 and an Olympic gold medal for winning. Drew and Kellie prepare to compete but for some reason Drew pushes too hard."
02 Jul 2003
09 Jul 2003
16 Jul 2003
"Drew is given an old rundown Rolls Royce by Evan, but Drew can not afford to restore it. Drew then gives it to Lewis but soon he goes power mad over it and thinks himself above the \"mortals\". Drew must now get the Royce back somehow."
16 Jul 2003
16 Jul 2003
23 Jul 2003
23 Jul 2003
20 Aug 2003
27 Aug 2003
Season 9 - The Drew Carey Show
02 Jun 2004
02 Jun 2004
09 Jun 2004
16 Jun 2004
16 Jun 2004
23 Jun 2004
23 Jun 2004
30 Jun 2004
30 Jun 2004
07 Jul 2004
14 Jul 2004
14 Jul 2004
21 Jul 2004
"Mimi warns Drew of having no sex with Kellie after she gifts birth. At baby care class, Drew starts to become turned off by the thought of the presence of the baby. Kellie feels unattractive because of the new hot waitress at the Warsaw."
21 Jul 2004
18 Aug 2004
18 Aug 2004
25 Aug 2004
01 Sep 2004
01 Sep 2004
08 Sep 2004
08 Sep 2004